June 13, 2017


Thirteen days into our Kickstarter campaign, and we hit 100% of our goal. To everyone who’s help us get this far, thank you SO very much! YOU are awesome.

So what does hitting our goal mean? For starters, it means we can sleep a little easier. Phew! But the more precise answer is that because Kickstarter is all or nothing, it secures that the project will be fulfilled, and our backers will get their orders. It also means that we’ll have a boost for funding our first round of production.  

But we still have three weeks to go in this race, so while we’re SUPER grateful we hit 100, no margaritas yet. Okay, maybe just a couple, but still - Onto the next goal!

We could hit our stretch goal for sustainable shoes.

If we hit €40,000 (roughly $45,000) we really start to #MAKEANIMPACT. Hitting this goal means our backers get color options. We’re not doing this to bribe you – it all has to do with factories and minimum quantities. Achieving this goal also means we can invest more into R&D and our upcoming e-commerce site. Life beyond our kickstarter campaign is exciting territory. We’re working on some cool stuff, and the more successful our kickstarter is, the more we can push.

If you’ve already contributed and want to help more, please keep spreading the word – every time we see one of your facebook posts or hear about you telling your friends (and then see their names come through as backers) we get stoked to see our mantra come to life – TOGETHER, WE CAN #MAKEANIMPACT.

And if you haven’t backed yet, quit playing hard to get!

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