Des idées de cadeaux éco-responsables

Sustainable Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

janvier 29, 2021

Eco-Friendly & Sustainble Gift Ideas for the Loved One in Your Life

We stand behind any day dedicated to eating chocolate and snuggling with our loved one. In celebration, we rounded up a few eco-friendly gift ideas that will make your special person feel, well, special!



Yes, shameless plug. But what is more stylish than shoes that do good for mother nature and give back to wildlife conservation? We're waiting...

We are revolutionizing the world of textiles by making shoes from recycled plastic bottles, natural seaweed, organic cotton and cork. And, with spring right around the corner, our winter collection is currently 40% off! Not sure on sizing? We also offer gift cards. 

A classic Valentine's gift, chocolate is everyone's favorite. Check out Peta's cruelty-free and vegan Chocolate Box, which unsurprisingly sells out every year. Flavoris include: Marzipan Grand Marnier Truffles, Orange Zest Crème, and Raspberry Crème. 

Plus, your purchase supports Peta's life saving work. Need we say more?


If you don't know Respire yet, we strongly suggest you take a look!

100% made in France, Respire offers healthy and gentle care for the body. With its natural, vegan and recyclable materials, Respire asserts itself as a new way of consuming more responsible and more ecological. 


The days of plastic bottles are over. Hydroflask is committed to more responsible and sustainable consumption by creating high-end stainless steel and insulated bottles. Stylish and colorful, there is something for everyone.

Note: you can leave a Hydroflask water bottle all day on the beach in direct sunlight or under your windshield and the water will not heat up. Ditto for the cold, it will remain at the initial temperature. Trust us, we've done it. 


Our friends at bike/ski apparel company, Wild Rye, are crafting handmade, cozy facemasks out of leftover fabric. Masks are hand sewn in Mexico by seamstresses Sandra and Nellie, and constructed completely out of non-mulesed merino blend left over from their first year of production. Look good, and feel protected in these eco-friendly face coverings. 



Always searching for off-the-beaten-path corners of paradise? If so, you will love Petit Bivouac.

Created in Grenoble by a small family, Petit Bivouac is an eco-responsible brand made in Europe. From mugs, t-shirts, knives, caps, hats with unique styles and designs, Petit Bivouac offers everything you need for adventure. 



Eco gift baskets for him, her, or your pet - enjoy custom gifts that are fair trade, organic, handmade, recycled, and that give back to organizations like cat and dog rescue missions and more. 



Created on the banks of Guétary, Bask in the Sun is a male brand that advocates more ethical and responsible fashion. The founders were inspired by the heritage of marine clothing and urban fashion.

Manufactured in the north of Portugal, their ranges are made from premium fabrics. The brand is also developing its own exclusive weaves in organic cotton jersey, cultivated without chemical input and colored without harmful substances. 


Have some more ideas for us? Shoot us a message on Instagram or via email at 




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