La 3R HAY ! 100% recyclée en édition limitée.

Vegan, résistantes à l'eau et confortables !

Des sneakers fabriquées à partir de matériaux recyclés et bio-sourcés : des chaussures broyées, du caoutchouc recyclé et du foin. 

      • Du caoutchouc recyclé et du foin (90%) pour confectionner la tige 
      • Des chaussures broyées et du caoutchouc recyclé (90%)pour confectionner la semelle extérieure
      • La semelle intérieure est confectionnée à partir de liège (5%) et de polyuréthane recyclé (95%)
        • Du coton biologique (100%) pour des lacets doux, solides et responsables 
        • Un lining intérieur en coton biologique (100%) pour garder vos pieds au chaud
        • Un look unique et responsable 
        • Ultra-confortables et souples
        • Semelle intérieure amovible si vous avez vos propres semelles
        • Enlever la semelle intérieure en liège
        • A la main : éponge et eau uniquement
        • Plus d'info
          • Fabrication à Porto, au Portugal. 


      More about the 3R HAY


      In the right way!

      When creating the 3R HAY, our designers thought about how old shoes could be reused. We found the answer: in the soles of the next collections.

      This new pair therefore integrates shredded shoes which allows to reinforce the structure of the shoe and to drastically decrease our carbon footprint.

      We are currently working on a process to recover your used pair.

      Pour repousser les limites de l'éco-responsabilité toujours plus loin,

      We have created the 3R in a logic of circular economy.

      In order to reduce their consumption of resources and greenhouse gas emissions, this unique shoe recycles for the first time used shoes and then shredded to obtain an extraordinary mix of materials!

      The 3R is handmade in Portugal, in Porto, and is made of new, original and exclusive materials: hay, shredded shoes, recycled rubber, cork and organic cotton.

      Stand out of the crowd!

      Adopt a unique style both in terms of design and style. In a look much more committed than our usual products, we do offer this pair in a sporty/urban trend almost skate lifestyle. All-purpose with a neutral color, they are robust, eco-designed and stylish!


      For each pair of MINDO purchased we donate 1% of sales to this association. Sun Bear Outreach's primary mission is to provide sun bears in captivity with decent and humane living conditions. The organization builds large forest enclosures for the bears, in addition to renovating and improving existing facilities.

      Local staff members are trained in animal welfare and the needs of sun bears. To date, the non-profit has helped to improve the living conditions of about 100 sun bears in Indonesia.

      Sun Bear Outreach, based in Indonesia, also raises awareness among locals regarding animal welfare, the plight of the sun bears, and deforestation.

      Go to wildlife conservation

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