Our planet has lost over half of its wildlife in the past 40 years.

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Since its creation, SAOLA has been committed to the preservation of wildlife.

Very young, Guillaume the founder of SAOLA was already worried about the turn that our world was taking and especially of its quadruped inhabitants. Not surprisingly, 40 years later, 60% of wild animals had disappeared. Father of two little girls and after 15 years in the outdoor industry, he decided to act for a better future. SAOLA was born: an eco-responsible brand and above all very committed.

SAOLA cannot stop the process but can nevertheless help to slow it down.. We at SAOLA believe that with collective and concrete actions we can make a difference. It is therefore for this reason that we have decided to donate 1% of our turnover to associations that wish #MAKEANIMPACT.

Make the decision to change things too and join the adventure!

Make a real impact, however small. It is with the accumulation of individual actions that we can tip the scales."


The SAOLA is one of the rarest animals found on our planet.Discovered only recently, in 1992, the “Asian unicorn,” lives in the mountains between Vietnam and Laos. With only 300 or so animals left, the SAOLA is listed among many plants and animals on the critically endangered species list, those that have a very high risk of extinction in the wild.

The story of the enigmatic SAOLA struck us as both an inspirational story of hope and as a grave reminder of the fragile state of our eco-system. It is why we declared the bi-horned wonder our mascot and why we are dedicated to helping conservation efforts.

1% for the planet

Disheartened? So are we. But we are also optimistic, because there are incredible people in the world who put all of their energy, experience, and skills into preserving wildlife and biodiversity.

1% of SAOLA shoe sales goes towards supporting these people and their projects so that our children, grandchildren, and future generations can enjoy wildlife, and animals like the SAOLA, as much as we have.

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Your purchase of SAOLA shoes supports our friend, Patrick Kilonzo, and his organization, MWALUA WILDLIFE TRUST. Patrick, a native of Kenya, has watched many animals perish over the recent years due to severe droughts in the region. Climate change will only continue to make this area of Africa susceptible to droughts, affecting the wildlife and eco-systems of the region.

In response, Patrick began MWALUA WILDLIFE TRUST, a grassroots organization that relies on volunteer efforts to supply sustainable water systems to wildlife communities, while also promoting human-wildlife coexistence. Volunteers work with communities to raise awareness about conservation, to promote ecological restoration, and to increase ethical economic opportunities to protect Kenya’s nature and biodiversity. Animals affected by Patrick’s organization include elephants, buffalo, zebras, impala, and more – all of whom rely on the area’s resources for their survival. Patrick is working to create long-term solutions that will prepare the surrounding parks and eco-systems in times of need.

1% of the proceeds from every pair of SAOLA shoes sold will support Patrick and his team.

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Lola ya Bonobo ou « Sanctuaire des Bonobos » situé en République Démocratique du Congo (RDC), Friends Of Bonobos est un regroupement de soignants, de bénévoles et de personnes engagées qui soutiennent les bonobos en proie au braconnage.

Les jeunes bonobos orphelins sont recueillis par Friends Of Bonobos puis élevés avec l'amour et l'attention de leurs mères humaines, d'un vétérinaire dévoué et d'un personnel extraordinaire. A l'âge adulte, ils sont relâchés dans des forêts surveillées et protégées.

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Sun Bear Outreach

SunBear Outreach est une association caritative basée en France qui consiste à secourir et améliorer les conditions de vie des ours du soleil menacés par la déforestation et la chasse (pour leur viande, leur peau, leurs pattes et leur bile utilisées en médecine chinoise.

Cette espèce méconnue du grand public représente des êtres sensibles et très évolués. Les oursons malais sont hyperactifs, ils font corps à part entière avec la forêt tropicale et manifestent une curiosité insatiable pour tout ce qu’elle recèle. À contrario, quand un ourson est privé de sa liberté et grandi en cage, il ne connaît que frustration et stress. 

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See Turtles

See Turtles vient au secours des tortues de mer en organisant des visites de sensibilisation à la faune marine. Ces derniers sont très présents sur les plages de nidifications en aidant les jeunes tortues à atteindre l’océan. See Turtles lutte aussi contre la forte demande de carapaces de tortue dans le commerce. Enfin, l’association s’engage à nettoyer les déchets plastiques laissés sur les plages et sensibilise les populations locales à la préservation de la biodiversité marine.

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Coral Guardian

Coral Guardian est une association à but non lucratif. Depuis 2012, Coral Guardian oeuvre en France, en Indonésie et en Espagne avec les communautés locales pour protéger les écosystèmes coralliens.

A travers différentes campagnes de sensibilisation et de mobilisation, les membres de l'association remuent ciel et terre pour replanter les coraux aux quatre coins du monde.

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