Men's sustainable shoes for everyday life

We developed this collection of men’s sustainable shoes with a few clear goals in mind: make them comfortable, make them casual, and make them with as many recycled materials as possible. 

The world doesn’t need more stuff, but it does need better stuff. That was the catalyst for starting SAOLA: a normalish guy couldn’t find any cool looking, sustainable shoes to wear in his everyday life, so like any responsible father and husband would do, he quit his job and decided to make them himself. Fast-forward a few years, and we proudly present to you our Spring/Summer '21 collection of men’s sustainable shoes.

We’ve made some great strides with this collection, introducing two new sneaker boot styles to the lineup. Made with recycled materials, the cleanly-styled Niseko can kick it at the office and out on the town, while the Baikal isn’t afraid to wander off the beaten path on weekend adventures. No matter where you take SAOLAs, they’re super lightweight, stylish, and comfortable to wear.

Eco-friendly materials inside our sustainable shoes

But what really sets them apart from the pack is the combination of eco-friendly materials in which they’re made. Recycled plastic, algae foam, natural cork, and organic cotton – every element is a step in the right direction to decrease our environmental footprint. And that’s a big deal, because while the planet may be becoming increasingly polluted, changing the way we manufacture and consume goods can make a really big impact for the long-term well-being of the only home we’ve got. And knowing that was enough for one man to quit his job to make better shoes. 

We hope that you will join the #MAKEANIMPACT movement and proudly wear SAOLA’s sustainable shoes as you walk through life. Thanks for being a part of the ride.


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