Production & Impact

Use a maximum of sustainable materials and innovative technologies.

A comprehensive approach

SAOLA is a leading designer of low carbon impact footwear with an average of 7.25KgCO2equ per pair. The brand achieves most of its sales in Europe & in the US, and has the vast majority of its production done in Vietnam. True to its international approach, the brand is continuously upgrading its practices to achieve the best CO2 vs price vs quality trade-offs, and always keeps people happiness at the center of its workflow.

"Offer cool, comfortable but above all innovative and sustainable products"


Since 2018, we make the vast majority of our sourcing & production in Vietnam, next to Hanoi. Vietnam has always been a land of apparel innovation. Half-way between Europe & Northern America, our two main markets, it was natural to us that verticalizing our sourcing & production there would optimized our CO2 footprint as well.


Xavier, our Product Development Director is based in Taiwan. Xavier meets SAOLA’s supply-chain on a regular basis and overseas, contributes from the early aspects of defining production methods to validating third-party quality controls.


In 2020, SAOLA's carbon footprint was 130tCO2eq, all scopes combined. This is equivalent to 7.25Kg of CO2 per pair. 2/3 of the assessment comes from products materials and production. Then come our offices-related emissions (high in % but average in absolute values), followed by transportation emissions: the majority is composed of employee traveling while sea freight from Vietnam to France or the United States represents less than 3% of the total carbon footprint. Last but not least, digital, often neglected, accounts for more than 2% of our emissions.


1 pair of Soala = 2 Big Mac (not even mentioning fries)

1 pair of Soala = 40 miles driving a Jetta (not even a Suburban)

1 pair of Soala = Less than a 1 soccer ball (world cup or not)

1 pair of Saola = 3 days of continuous Netflix streaming (good luck with that)

Carbon Footprint Assessment done by consulting firm UTOPIES in 2021.


Our goal is to reach 3,5Kg/CO2 per pair by 2025. We will first work on new materials, on improving manufacturing processes, and on recycling. At no time will we reduce our balance sheet through any carbon offset mechanism. And if one of the NGOs we work with decides to plant trees, those will never offset our carbon footprint.

Together, we can #MAKEANIMPACT

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