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From its first steps in 2018 in Colorado, SAOLA grows into a more global movement, in the Alps and in more than 20 countries.

SAOLA supports the everyday adventurers in all their movements by designing light and comfortable shoes that are inspired by - and for - nature.

Consolidating a +80% growth in 2022 and forecasting the same trend for 2023, launching an ambitious carbon footprint reduction & eco-design program, and pushing sustainable operations to another level,

SAOLA has decided to open its capital to the nature lovers and to its community.

It was natural to us that this fund-raising should be completed through our community. This is a unique opportunity for us to ally with like-minded, environmentally conscious individuals, on the long run. Together, we can continue eco-designing the lowest carbon footprint shoes on the market while actively protecting biodiversity, with style.

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The crowdfunding campaign SOWEFUND leads the campaign for us.

All the information related are available on this link.

Altough the information is in French, the fund-raise is open to international investors.

SOWEFUND & us will assist you with the process.

Would you like to contact us directly, please use the contact form below.

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